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Kiki and Kyle ~ Lake Mills Wedding

Spring is here…or so my calendar says, not that you’d know it by looking outside!  One sure way to tell it’s spring is because of all of the weddings that start happening this time of year (at least in our cold part of the world!)  So despite the chilly temperatures, our first spring wedding took place in charming Lake Mills, WI on a cool but sunny afternoon.

Kiki and Kyle knew each other through mutual friends for about a year but it wasn’t until Kiki’s maid of honor Kaity set them up that they had their first date.  They knew right away they were meant for each other.  They are one of the truly sweetest couples I’ve ever met…Kyle couldn’t even pick a best man because he liked them all equally…so they ALL were has best man 🙂  So much laughter and love at this wedding, great families and a group of close friends made for a wonderful atmosphere.

So congratulations Jarlsbergs!  Here’s to a long life of happiness and love together!

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Kiki & Kyle (161)Kiki & Kyle (192)collage 12Kiki & Kyle (209)Kiki & Kyle (76)Kiki & Kyle (140)collage 16Kiki & Kyle (252)-2Kiki & Kyle (259)collage 18collage 19collage 17collage 23b collage 24bKiki & Kyle (360)collage 2collage 20Kiki & Kyle (386)bKiki & Kyle (345)collage 21Kiki & Kyle (384)bKiki & Kyle (368)ccollage 1bcollage 10collage 25collage 26collage 28collage 29collage 30collage 31 collage 32 collage 33collage 34collage 43collage 44bcollage 37collage 35collage 36collage 38collage 39collage 40collage 41collage 51collage 42collage 52collage 45collage 48collage 49collage 81collage 84collage 82bcollage 83 collage 47collage 46collage 50collage 85collage 55collage 58collage 57collage 53bcollage 56collage 59collage 60 collage 61ccollage 66collage 62bcollage 64collage 65collage 68collage 69collage 67 collage 71ccollage 72collage 73bcollage 74collage 78collage 75collage 77bcollage 79collage 80collage 54

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