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Community Preschool Fundraiser ~ Whitefish Bay Photography

This year was the fourth year I’ve had the privilege of shooting a fundraiser for the “Community Preschool” in Whitefish Bay. Shooting little ones can be a challenge but more importantly it is totally rewarding. Seeing those sweet little faces and big smiles always makes my day. Here is a preview from this year’s event!

Pence3 Pence2Pence1 Pence4 Pence5Gilpin1 Gilpin4 Gilpin3 Gilpin2 Griep1Griep3 Griep2  Griep4 Griep5 Lavoie1 Lavoie2Place1 Place2Place4 Place3  Taphorn3 Taphorn2 Taphorn1 Taphorn4  Taphorn6Taphorn5

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